Phoenix Solutions Plasma Arc Torches are available in three arc modes and five power ranges. PSC works with each client early in the design phase to determine which arc mode (transferred, non-transferred or convertible) and power range best suits the end-user's unique operating environment and processes.

The decision is based on our pool of knowledge and team expertise - the most experienced in the industry. We rely on thousands of cumulative person-hours of research and development, in-house studies, and our design history of hundreds of proven systems operating worldwide.

Transferred Arc Torch

PSC's Transferred Arc Plasma Torch, with one internal electrode, transfers the arc of the plasma jet to the melt, resulting in a localized and very high heat. Transferred-Arc Torches can operate on argon, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, air, methane, propane or oxygen, providing flexibility in applications such as continuous casting of metals, tundish heating, ash melting and waste pyrolysis. Transferred-Arc Plasma Torches operate between 50 kW and 3,000 kW. 

Non-Transferred Arc Torch

PSC's Non-Transferred Plasma Arc Torch houses both front and rear internal electrodes, creating a jet of plasma constrained to the end of the torch, while allowing the jet to be moved inside the furnace. The heat from a Non-Transferred Arc Torch is more dispersed than a Transferred Arc, and is suited for a wide range of applications including dross treatment, gas heating, and waste pyrolysis. Non-Transferred Plasma Arc Torches can operate on air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, and between 50 kW and 1,500 kW.

Convertible Arc Torch

PSC's Convertible Arc Torch can transfer the arc, on the fly, from the working material to a front electrode installed on the torch, allowing both transferred and non-transferred operation.

Torch Power Range

PT50 - The PT50 is the smallest torch model offered by PSC, operating between 10 kW and 100 kW. They are best suited for R&D and laboratory work.

PT150 - The PT150 operates between 100 kW and 300 kW. Used most commonly in pilot-scale demonstrations or large R&D projects, the PT150 is powerful enough to handle some industrial applications.

PT200 - The PT200 operates worldwide processing waste into fuel, manufacturing next-generation nano-particles, producing silicon ingots, and recovering high value-added metals. Operating between 200 kW and 600 kW, the PT200 offers high temperatures without high operating costs.

PT250 - The PT250, operating between 500 kW and 1,500 kW, is used similarly to the PT200 in applications including waste pyrolysis and metal recovery, but is larger and can provide more heat. It is used in tundish heating, ash melting and low-level nuclear waste processing.

PT255 -The PT255 is PSC's largest torch, operating between 1,500 kW and 3,000 kW. The PT255 is used in applications such as tundish heating and the remediation of hazardous wastes.