Phoenix Solutions Co Plasma Technologies are ideally suited for cutting edge R&D work. PSC torches deliver the incredible temperatures necessary to do tomorrow's science today. Recently, PSC Plasma has been deployed in the production of nanometric particles, the building materials of the future.

Nanomaterials related technologies offer immense opportunities for material sciences. Currently, production of nanoparticles exists on a limited scale. PSC Plasma Heating is the enabling technology to immediately address the gap between pilot-scale R&D and full-scale nanometric particle production.

Thermal Plasma has been identified as the most effective means to produce nanoparticles on a production basis. PSC is working to transition nanoparticle applications from the laboratory to practical implementation for industry, government, troops and public safety.

PSC is assisting the U.S. Army in developing a large-scale nanoparticle demonstrator. This facility will help to provide classes of materials important to our soldiers abroad in a time-critical manner.

PSC is also focused on addressing health and safety issues of nanoparticle generation. In cooperation with the University of Minnesota, we are researching the impacts on workers of nanoparticle manufacturing.