Phoenix Solutions Co was founded 56 years ago as FluiDyne Engineering Corp. At the forefront of aeronautical and aerospace research for more than 40 years, FluiDyne designed and built high temperature aeronautical facilities and conducted aeronautical product testing for clients such as Boeing, General Electric and FFA Sweden.

In 1993 FluiDyne reformed as Phoenix Solutions Co, and became a leader in Plasma Heating Systems. Building on the long history of FluiDyne, Phoenix is the vanguard of innovation in the Plasma Heating industry.

Some milestones from PSC's history include:

1993: Phoenix Solutions delivered its first Plasma Heating System to Kobe Steel, in Japan.
2000: PSC became the largest supplier of plasma technology in the world.
2002: PSC celebrated our 50th year and opened our 3 MW Hutchinson Test Facility.
2004: PSC demonstrated 2,300 hours of electrode life.
2006: PSC began fabrication of corrosion-resistant collimators.